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Divorce Attorney in Roseville, Minnesota

Insightful Divorce Representation

Divorce is never an easy thing to face. Making the decision to divorce is often one of the most difficult decisions a person must make in a lifetime. However, there is help available to move you through the process and get a fresh start on your life.

At Radtke Law Offices, P.A., we are sensitive to the needs of our clients who are going through a divorce or other family law matter. Guided by the knowledge of founding attorney Stephen P. Radtke, our firm provides clients with representation that is tailored to meet their specific needs and goals for the outcome of the case. We work with clients throughout the Twin Cities, including in Roseville, Blaine and Anoka County, to take on the legal aspects of the case so that they can continue to focus on their families and futures. Mr. Radtke has lived in Minnesota all his life and has a thorough understanding of the divorce laws in our state.

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Issues that Arise in Divorce

While the paperwork and process involved during a divorce itself can be complex, there are many issues that often arise in conjunction with a divorce. Our firm confidently handles all matters, including:

  • Contested and uncontested divorces

  • Property division and equitable distribution of the assets and property

  • Division of marital debts

  • Alimony (spousal maintenance or spousal support)

  • Child custody, legal and physical

  • Child support

  • Divorce mediation

  • Divorce litigation

  • Modifications of existing family court orders

  • Enforcement of divorce decree

We are especially aware of the impact that a divorce can have on children of the marriage and handle child custody and child support cases with the utmost care.

Why You Should Have a Divorce Attorney

While there are many resources that discuss “do-it-yourself” divorces and how to handle the process on your own, this is not always the best option. Having an experienced divorce lawyer on your side is an asset. Your attorney can protect you in ways in which you may not even know you need protection, such as in explaining how your personal property is divided and who ends up paying the fees for the divorce process. By attempting to handle your divorce on your own, you are taking an unnecessary risk. Protect yourself with the help of our firm.

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